Welcome to Elevate Coworking

This is not your usual office space. It’s better.

Oh, we’ve got office space! But Elevate is about more than the 9-to-5, sitting at a desk, toiling away. Our coworking space is about community and collaboration.

Located in North Phoenix, Elevate was designed to overcome the isolation and stagnation that many freelancers, entrepreneurs and solo business owners experience when working in a home-based office. Not to mention the need to have a professional space for occasional client meetings.

Renting an individual office suite may provide a professional atmosphere and remove the distractions of at-home work (no kids underfoot or household chores enabling procrastination), but you also miss out on the spontaneous brainstorm sessions and inspiring interaction that occurs when surrounded by other like-minded professionals. And, they tend to be a little boxy.

The coworking space at Elevate fosters the best of both worlds:

Collaboration and Professionalism

  • We provide an expansive coworking floor so you can get your work done, collaborate with others and share ideas when the urge strikes. This space fosters the creativity and connections that occur naturally when a bunch of entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers are within shouting distance.
  • Dedicated Desks with locking storage will provide you a regular space to call your own, leave a few office supplies, maybe a potted plant (plants welcome, no goldfish please). We make it uniquely yours with business name and logo, so everyone knows…your place, your space.
  • We have a professional lobby, with a conference table and adjoining small meeting rooms that you can reserve to meet with clients or hold small group seminars or workshops.
  • The Community Room is available by reservation for larger meetings, seminars or arena football games (Not really. Oh, it’s big enough, but our insurance guy would have a coronary).

Events, events & more events. An important part of an active coworking space is its ability to work, learn and play together. Elevate will offer a variety of business and professional events, networking opportunities and social gatherings.

Coworking Explained

Need a Conference Room in Phoenix?

We have a large conference room with a projector and a white board that can fit up to 100 people! We want to work with event hosts and organizers that can bring valuable seminars and workshops to the Elevate community. You can rent the room out by the hour and get a discounted rate if your rent it out by the day.

Elevate Coworking’s Unique Features include:

  • Communityseating area inside the elevate coworking space
  • Collaboration
  • Quiet (when you need it)
  • Small conference room
  • High speed internet access
  • Shared kitchen with a fridge, freezer, coffee maker, and sink
  • We proudly serve Gaderian Coffee which benefits various organizations.
  • Print out documents using our community printer
  • Meeting space for the professional business image you need to grow
  • Location, location, location!  A known business address in the North / Central Phoenix area.
  • Covered parking for you and your clients
  • Plenty of coffee & pretzels (and other delicious goodies from the food court)
  • Plus an arcade & movie theater right downstairs when you need a break!
  • Restaurants, shopping and puppies!  This list goes on & on…

When you join Elevate Coworking & Business Network, you’ll decide what kind of space works for you, your work style and your business needs.  From an occasional place to hammer out your latest project, to your own dedicated space complete with your business signage, your personal stuff and maybe the aforementioned potted plant.

Join Elevate now.  We’ve got space for business.

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